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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  January 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at from tampa bay's number one news station. this is good day tampa bay. >> looking for adventure this weekend, florida's python challenge kicks off this morning. how hunters are competing for a big prize while helping the environment . and a long lost dog is found nine years after he disappeared. how his family got him back. >> good saturday morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. anjuli has the day office. we'll have those stories in a minute. first let's start the morning like we do. dave in for lindsay. good morning, dave. >> good morning on this lovely saturday.
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course yesterday we had all the rain and the gusty winds that we were going to sandwich a decent saturday out of the deal. i know it's going to be stormy this time tomorrow. we have 63 degrees in tampa. mild. considering like 51 should be our normal low for had time of year. actually 52 in brandon. 60 degrees in st. petersburg. maybe a light jacket needed, and just a few spots, but also noticing as i was driving in this morning noticing there's a little bit of fog that you're going to have to death with. i notice around bartow you have a quarter mile visibility, 3.75. that's quickly lift out. i don't think it's going to be a huge deal at all. the satellite pretty good now. we're going to increases the cloud cover later today and overall it's going to be a nice one, bringing temperatures back into the mid 70s. look at this.
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across the gulf tonight with some high winds and strong storms likely very early tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon's will be around 68 degrees. we'll talk more about those storms, alcides in just a little bit zoom let's talk about yesterday's storm. bad weather that rolled through yesterday morning and left its mark in venice. business owners at the arc plaza heard a loud noise. one minutes lights were on and next they were off. it turns out straight line winds blew off most of their roof. >> you can't each open the back door. all you see is roof ripped off laying everywhere. >> no one was hurt. first responders did have to rescue 20 dogs from a grooming shop. they're doing just fine this morning. >> meanwhile this morning in tampa police are out investigating a single car accident at the intersection of west shore and san jose street. the car struck a light pole causing critical injuries to the driver.
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right now west shore boulevard is closed in both directions of san jose street so a video that area. southbound lanes were closed for much of last night after a motorcyclist was killed in a crash. investigators were on the scene. those lanes have since reopened. the woman best known for being the ex-girlfriend of a cop killer would face new charges. courtney brantley should be serving a one year prison sentence for charges related to the murder of two tampa police officers, but on the eve of going away to prison, brantley was arrested and charged with domestic violence and criminal mischief. now a just released 911 call reveals the fear the woman brantley allegedly attacked she was facing. >> i've already been through this situation before and i didn't call the police. and now it's happened again. >> it's okay. just take a deep breath.
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reacted like this. >> she is? >> yeah. >> she's on appeal right now and she's going to prison on monday for a year and a day. >> the u.s. attorney's office tells fox 13 they'll step aside and let the state pursue charges against her first. if she's convicted of these new charges she'll complete her state time first and then the feds will pick her up. >> she was a beloved softball coach and now investigators say they have caught his killer. for 35 years. back in august he was shot to death in the driveway outside of his house. alford jenkins is now charged with his murder. in court yesterday, a judge denied his bond and investigators say jenkins killed him because he turned on jenkins for stealing money from a union they both belonged to. >> if you want to see evil in the flesh, there he is.
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years, who is going to get even with that terry who was only doing the right thing, looking out for the union's money and bringing a criminal to justice. jenkins was the union's treasurer when money started disappearing, yeltington called police. >> suspended. that's the decision handed down by the supreme court for the three tampa attorneys found guilty of a setup. attorneys steven diaco and adam facility halt have been told to stop practicing law until their fate is determined by the high court. last august a judge recommended all three be permanently disbarred after he determined the trio orchestrated a double digits arrest of a courtroom rival. yesterday's decision also says the attorneys cannot -- can no longer represent clients or pick up new ones and all clients must be told about their suspension. >> your electric bill could be going up.
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light has asked the state for permission to raise rates over the next four years. customers would pay about eight dollars a month -- more a month this year and about $14 more a month by 2020. the company says they need the money to improve service and reduce emissions. state officials are expected to make a decision sometime later this year. >> the buccaneers finally announced their new head coach. koetter. this is a time that desperately needs two things. playoffs. two, hang on to a head coach tore a while. there's simply been too much turnover at the top. now, he got the job because of the offense. there are a lot of coordinator that get head coaching slots in the nfl because their offenses or defense sliver.
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backwards because the coach has to run the entire team. that was the first question i asked kansas department of transportationer. can he -- asked koetter. committee keep a handle on the offense. >> it doesn't worry me because there's already a prototype for that in the nfl. i think three of the eight teams that are playing this weekend in the playoffs, the head coaches, the play caller and i've talked to guys that are doing it, it's -- it's not going to be easy, there will be some things that are different, but that's one of the reasons you have to have a great staff around you, i already have the offensive coaches that i worked with here last year, changes. >> you were talking about how much you love to work with quarterbacks, is that something that you can still spend a lot of time with. does this translate into this season knowing that now you still have to wear so many hats and have responsibilities. >> well change. i mean, my role is going to change some, but every head coach i know
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been around always migrates back to his old position. >> how excited are you right now? >> i'm real excited. i'm real excited. you know, this is -- this is just the beginning, there's a lot of work to be done, but today is the starting point. >> all right. i think the lightning are about to make one of those long runs that john cooper has been waiting for. you can just see it in the way they are playing. they hit this pittsburgh penguins game on a three game winning streak and until then it's been their longest winning streak all season. this game got a little tense. i'll tell you that. he finishes it brilliantly and it's 1-on, lightning. now, five on three, they watch the post as tyler johnson, 2-1 lightning. still in the second, now it's 5-4 lightning.
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3-1 lightning. but in this game, pittsburgh comes back to take a 4-3 lead. the game is tied at four with that incredible spin move. the lightning come back to win this 15-4 in overtime. that's a good at sports. have a good morning. >> happening today, volunteers are gearing up to paint the town this morning. they're working to clean and beautify area neighborhoods. the project is organized by the community development center. it helps seniors, single moms, veterans and residents give their homes a facelift. volunteers will do things like paint, mow grass, plant flowers, clean up litter and a whole lot more. the group will get to work starting about 8:30 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon. another event giving back to the community this morning. the city of gulfport is joining the nation in the second annual day of service. the event honors dr. martin luther king, junior. volunteers are donating their time
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the opening ceremony will start at 8:30 this morning at tomlinson lake park. from there volunteers will spread throughout the area for their several projects. the day of service will end with a closing ceremony at 12:00. a woman's dog is living proof that microchipping your pet works. just ask this woman. cindy connor. she reported her dog missing back in 2007. she says sir jojo was just three months old when he ran away from home. now nine years after the fact he is back. joe was microchipped earlier this week. the company called to tell them the dog had been found at a playground in sebring. it turns out another woman adopted him and cared for him until eight years until sadly she passed away. that's a good story. >> all right, when we come back. president obama looks back on his
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the union speech. after the break. fox's craig patrick will break down during patrick's on politics. plus monster jam is back. we'll tell you where you can check out these giant trucks and all the other events happening around the bay area coming up in about 15 minutes. alcides, you have to say it like this. yeah in hey, it's 63 degrees outside. today will be the warmest day of the next seven. we're pretty confident about that. it's going to be a little breezy this afternoon. got those south winds pumping up that moisture, so it's going to be warm, a bit on the muggy side today as temperatures head back probably low to mid 70s, i think for high temps today, but look out tonight, very early tomorrow morning, another round of big storms are headed our way, so more on that in
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offer ends january 16th.
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seven years ago when president obama first took office, he said he was going to unify washington. during his last state of the union speech, he said his greatest regret is that is that didn't happen. fox 13 political editor looks why. >> my presence on this stage is pretty unlikely. >> 12 years ago, a self described skinny kid with a funny name came out of nowhere with a call for unity. >> there is not a liberal america and conservative america, there is the united states of america. >> but now president obama admits than before. >> it's one of the few regrets of
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between the parties has gotten worse instead of better. >> how did that happen. you just be quiet. >> three things polarized our nation. first the growing influence of money in politics pulled our lawmakers apart. they spent time raising money elsewhere and less getting to know each other in washington and gridlock set in. >> then number two, voters over corrected as they tried to run the pigs from the trough, they pushed out experienced deal makers and replaced them with mavericks who promised change. >> we will not compromise. >> but the more they promise the less they changed and the art of compromise was lost. both parties lost one of their wings along the way and polled to the right and to the left and that brings us to the third big thing that devised -- divided us. >> in america you have a right to be stupid. >> only in america can a strategy involve misspelling every road on a road sign by exit. washington has produced blunders that make our government look divide and had foolish. >> since i'm in charge, obviously
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>> and with all the problems that have come to light within the bureaucracy at all, the pickerring in plain view, faith in our government is at an all time low. this naturally breeds distrust and anger. we see here in florida in state and federal government. >> the same frustration with dysfunction and stupidity that we see in government is currently fueling outsiders in the presidential race and trump in particular and all the an particulars that go with it. >> but it's no laughing mattered. beyond the theater on the campaign trail, distrust in government has triggered protests across the nation from the left and from the right and over the past couple of weeks it drove this armed protest in oregon. the president once said there are no red states or blue states, but research shows the american people have shifted more to the left and government as failing us and president obama says he cannot fix it as he once hoped because real hope and change must come from within. >> it's not enough just to change a
6:17 am
even change a president. >> we have moments that are purposeful. they may have their hand between their legs, they feel pleasure. >> i asked the chair, do you know what this is? it's a snowball from just outside here, so it's very very cold out are she unseasonal, so, mr. president, catch this. >> you can believe nasa or you can believe the senator with the snowball. >> the more you drink, the more that will make sense. >> stupid. we discovered the anti government protesters in oregon depend on government assistance. >> what the heck are you doing out here. >> standing with my brothers and sisters. >> we have an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the armed protest and we'll show a different
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the time right now is 6:17. had some bad weather come through the area yesterday. same thing may be true for sunday. right, dave? >> in fact, i think tomorrow maybe a little bit stronger overall than what we had yesterday. let's get into it. it's actually going to be a relatively quiet day for today. variable clouds, warm, i think up. we're going to be in the mid 70s for highs today with dewpoints sneaking up into the 60s, you may be like, hey, it feels like on that warm muggy side, but then tonight and very early tomorrow morning, somewhere between, say, 3:00 and 8:00 as a timeframe we're going to get another round of some strong storms and they're going to come raising through here just like they did yesterday. now, of course it being a sunday morning we're not going to have a big morning commute to have to death with, but i would definitely urge you to check back in first thing tomorrow morning.
6:19 am
these storms, and not only that, we've got a gale warning out for tonight and tomorrow morning. that's how strong the system is. the warning, we have another one. we're canned whiching in a nice deal today because tomorrow is going to be pretty stormy. 57 degrees. it's saturday morning you're just hanging out. 57, and 63. we're used to working those monday through fridays, right. >> we have 60 degrees in crystal river. 60 degrees in dade city, made to upper 50s as you go south of the tampa bay area. we do have some mid to upper 50s along highway 27. polk county through highlands county. there's not much in the gulf. you see a couple of extremes of clouds and when we start today with some sunshine, we are going to cloud it up later today. so i put variable clouds as kind of
6:20 am
back out here we're expecting an area of low pressure coming off the coast of attention to start raising across the northern gulf. it's going to pick up energy. you remember this jetstream here is just pouring in all kinds of moisture and instability. you're going to take that, combine it with this and the two will bring in a big round of showers and thunderstorms. >> here's the way it looks on our future cast. you see the clouds coming in through the day today and all of a sudden about 1:00 in the morning just off the coast area, are big thunderstorms. i'm going to pause it one more time about 5:00, 6:00 in the morning and here's your line of storms coming through the area. it will be swift, and if we can get it out of here early enough, i think we're looking good for the second half of sunday. i think tomorrow is going to look exactly like yesterday. storms in the morning. then sunshine back in the afternoon. my biggest concern here would be
6:21 am
if there are warnings out, they may not here them, so, again, if you start to hear some wind, turn on the tv, check back in with us, because there could be some very strong early tomorrow. variable clouds. today, tonight, mostly cloudy, rain and storms late. 63 degrees, very very early tomorrow, some strong storms. then you know what? i think the sun is coming back out in the afternoon, with a high temperature of 68 degrees. if you have to do some boating, do it kick, because the gale warning kicks in tonight through tomorrow. behind all this, alcides' favorite kind of weather, the cold stuff is coming back in. so monday's high 62. 42 on tuesday morning and how about this, alcides, a high of only 58 on tuesday afternoon. >> not looking forward to that at all. >> all right. before we go to break, having a birthday today. you are in good company. here's a look at the famous people born on this day. good day continues right after this.
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you saved quite a bit today go ahead. say it. cha-ching! thank you the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> it's going to be a long morning. >> hey, welcome back. time now is 6:24. and are we going to get out of the house weekend. >> we have a bunch of happenings going on around the bay area happening this weekend. the sarasota fine wine festival is taking place today. local, regional and national
6:24 am
mediums include painting, jewelry, gulf stream avenue and main street. the best part about this, dave, it's all free. >> let's do it. monster jam is back, and you can see all your favorite giant custom designed trucks at raymond james stadium tonight. you've got grave digger, lucas oil crusader. they're going to be on hand. you can get a view of the trucks and meet the drivers at a party in the pits from 1:30 to 5:00. the show is at 7:00. doors open at 5:00. tickets may run as low as 15 bucks, which is great. honestly even my little girl loved it a couple years ago. >> the tampa bay heritage festival and music fest is going on all weekend. it's to celebrate the martin luther king, junior, holiday weekend. it will feature music by national regional acts including jonathan butler and tangy stone. there will also be health and
6:25 am
the festival runs through january 23rd and that too is free. >> so treasure island kite festival is back. of course you can look forward to kites of all shapes and sizes. the weekend will have trick shows to music and huge themed kites. you can even bring your own kite and join in on the fun. it's taking place at the thunderbird resort at 10:00 this morning. it's free. >> yeah, he's in town. ledge tear singer song writer, paul anka is making a stop in clearwater tonight. he was one of the biggest teen idles in the late 50s with his hits, including diane that is correct the lonely boy and put your
6:26 am
the tickets as a result at $55. >> and wise cracking emmy winner jane lynch makes a stop in the bay area tonight. the golden globe winner will be at the capital theater doing some stand off. she starts off broadway where she made her debate as ms. hannigan in an knee. tickets run around $45. i want you to know this, but i think we're going to this. >> music's biggest tour comes to the bay area tonight. winter jam is taking place. grammy winner for king and country and matthew west headline the show. it will feature a half dozen other
6:27 am
a prejam party kicks off at 5:00. tickets start at $10. and if you're feeling advent russ you can go python hunting this weekend. >> it's time for florida's python challenge. more than $16,000 will be awarded to the hunters who capture the most and the largest ohio pythons. it starts today and will run through february 14th. the goal of the hunt is to reduce the python pollution. they are not native to florida and post a threat to wildlife and the pets in this area. >> we have that last -- i wanted to talk about that just briefly. you did a whole -- >> down in the everglades. found a python. they're everywhere. they're everywhere. and the problem is they're taking up the other species. rabbits, other things we would typically have. they do not have any predators. there's nothing to take them out. so i think they're going to have a difficult time this morning finding them, because it's going to be so warm, but later in the week when it's real cold out, the pythons will come out and sun themselves
6:28 am
i think they'll have better success as the weather gets colder. although i'm not going to try it again. one of those things you cross off the list. >> bucket list is complete. >> hey, we do have a nice warm day, but we're going to follow that with some big storms on tap this time tomorrow morning. we're at 63 degrees tomorrow and
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from tampa bay's number one news station. this is good day tampa bay. >> welcome back to good day tampa bay, i'm meteorologist dave osceola osterberg.
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there's also been a couple of issues with visibility, so if you have to walk out the door right now, you may want run into a tiny bit of fog here and there which will quickly abate once the sun comes up. there's a reason for the mild weather and the muggy weather that we have this morning and that's going to stick with us throughout the day today. again, today, a nice day. we're going to have some cloud cover this afternoon. it's also going to be the warmest day of the next seven as we make it up into the mid 70s, but this time tomorrow morning will be like it was yesterday, stormy, windy, we're going to talk all about that alcides. >> dave, thank very much. the time is 6:32. stories. she was crossing first street south when she was hit and killed. may was seen on this video after the crash. he pulled over, walked to the scene, but then walked away
6:32 am
he checked his car for damage and drove away. police say evidence proves his car was the one who hit her. >> we're still waiting to find out how a worker died in an accident at the port of tampa yesterday. he's 45-year-old joe left laneland of palmetto. the view from sky fox shows crews working to free a piece of heavy eye machinery buried sulfur powder. >> this is the guy. deputies say a woman posted an ad on craigslist to sell her wedding rings. this guy said he would buy them. he met her at a shopping center in palm harbor, he actually gave her an am scott money order to pay for them. she tried to cash them and found out they were cash. >> and there is a new man in charge of the buccaneers, dirk koetter was
6:33 am
>> we spoke with the fans about the big announcement. >> it's another new beginning. >> you know, we'll go for the next guy and see you he does. >> dirk has supporters, brandon likes the worth koetter did with quarterback jayme jamis winston. >> she puts her faith in the team's belief that dirk cot koetter is the right -- i want the best choice and whatever is best for the organization. i don't judge. >> john and katie are new orleans saints fans happy with the fire, convinced that koetter will fail to even win six games. >> i think they might win four. for us it's great, for us it gives us a chance to get into the playoffs c
6:34 am
>> but will fans stand and cheer for dirk koetter's bucs come september. >> perhaps dirk koetter said it best on the podium today when he was introduced as the bucs new head coach. it doesn't matter what he says today, it matter how's he does next season. >> nothing that is said here today is going to affect us one bit in wins and losses. the hard work that leads to the w's and o's is still to come. >> polk deputies are warning residents about a sun trust bank scam. the sheriff says within the last three weeks three people received phone calls from someone claiming bank. that caller attempted to get the victims' personal information. detectives say this is a reminder not to give your personal information over the phone to anyone you do not know. if you think a bank phone call is suspicious in any way, hang up and contact the bank directly.
6:35 am
this in polk county call the sheriff's office. >> the chief ace operating officer has resigned. he had been allegiant's coo for about a year. the company says it will use the leadership change to focus on areas that need improvement. allegiant has been plagued with problems recently. there have been several emergency landing in the past year. the company has not announced his replacement. >> this is a bizarre case in palm beach county. a florida fish and wildlife official are looking into how or why a shark was found inside a swimming pool. a woman at a condo complex called police after she found a 5-foot black tip alive in the swimming pool. she told police she saw two young men running away beforehand. the shark was taken out that was pool and safely returned to the ocean. >> after the break we'll hear from one of the winners of this week's historic powerball drawing. what they plan to do with all of
6:36 am
plus a california woman isn't too happy with her son following the lottery. you won't believe what he did, and you'll hear that story coming up. but first here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. two people won last night's fantasy five drawings. last night's play was for more than $169,000. the grand prize came in at more than $166,000. the time right now is 6:37. good morning and wow, you changed my old bedroom. with a little help from a havertys designer. the whole space. and it is perfect. i'm sure it was perfect then too, because you're perfect. yeah, i was perfect.
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we've all been waiting to see who won the big powerball drawing and this morning we know one -- at least one of those three tickets, a small town warehouse supervisors from mumford, tennessee and his wife had their ticket verified and they'll get part of the world record $1.6 billion jackpot. yeah, it's a lot of money. we have all -- you know, we have a look -- we have a look at the lucky get this. changes. i think most people would actually
6:40 am
i know dea would quite his job and i believe probably quit my job, but the family say their reaping their jobs and don't plan to make any wild purchases at all. think point they're paying off their mortgage and their daughters' student loans but they're staying house. john robinson says his wife urged him to buy lottery tickets on his way home from work. when he got home he wasn't feeling very well, so he went to lie down. it was lisa who watched the drawing on television. >> she's the next one that checked the numbers of the drawing and she come running in there screaming and crying. you need to check these numbers. you need to check these numbers. and i was -- she woke me up out of a dead sleep. >> the robinsons say they'll take the lump sum of nearly $328 million that's after taxes.
6:41 am
admitted she haven't slept in the past 48 hours or so. who can became them, right? they plan to go back to work on monday. >> why not? >> that's what we've done all our lives is work. you just can't sit down and lay down and not do nothing anymore. last? you know, we do want to enjoy a little bit of our earnings and maybe invest a little bit of it so our son and our daughter, they'll have it and they'll never need anything again. >> that's a good family. >> meanwhile, it turns out a california woman who thought she was one of the winning ticket holders was a victim of a cruel joke and her own son was behind it. >> she works as a night nurse at the park avenue healthcare and wellness center in california. the new york post reports last
6:42 am
called her to tell her she had the winning ticket. she didn't believe it at first, but word began getting around that she was the winner. her daughter broke the news that it was a bad joke by her brother. the nurse's coworkers don't think it was too funny either. >> if this is a joke, i would probably want you to let her know that i'm going to get her an all paid vacation wherever she wants to go, because this is -- this is one of those bad jokes. it's not funny. >> it's really not. the son who ticked her apparently doctored a photo of the ticket to make the prank more convincing. the 62-year-old nurse is the mother of seven. i think it's pretty safe to say we know who her least favorite child is at least for the moment. all right. i think it's pretty safe to say we know who her least favorite child
6:43 am
tonight's powerball drawing is worth $40 million. dave, i don't know what i would do to my son or daughter. why would do you that? >> i don't know. >> why would you do that? >> okay. 63 degrees. it really is a pretty start to the day. i'll let you look at the tampa cam here. south winds at 7 miles per hour. as you step outside you're going to notice it feels muggy out there. there's a little bit of fog out there. not a huge deal once it burns off. should be a decent today with a high of 75 and we're right back at
6:44 am
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. >> welcome back. the time is 6:46. after a morning of heavy gun tire, troops and a deadly hostage situation in west africa. officials say al-qaeda militants -- security forces tried to free the host angels could you go explosives to get into the building, but it actually caught fire. right now officials say at least 19 civilians were killed. freed. four militants were also killed. the u.s. embassy tweeted it did not know if any americans were inside that hotel. indonesian officials raided the homes of two men suspected in thursday's terror attack in jack -- two people remember killed and two dozen others were hurt.
6:46 am
indonesian police searched the homes two men believed to have been part of the isis cell that carried out those bombings. official say a known isis leader living in syria ordered that attack. >> chipotle says all of its locations will shut down for about one day. the company will use that time to address health issues. an e. coli outbreak forced the company to shut down dozens of its locations recently. all restaurants will be closed on monday, february the eighth. >> it seems like every day is some sort of holiday, whether it's christmas or even a spacial spaghetti day. if you're all celebrated out from the holiday season, then this day is actually for you. today, january 16th is national nothing day. the unevent was proposed by a columnist back in 1972. he wanted to provide americans with one day where they can just sit
6:47 am
honoring doing absolutely nothing. i like that. >> of course, even talking about this day contradicts the purpose of this, but why not sit around and do nothing, especially on a day like today where football starts at about 4:00. >> then why are we here? >> exactly. that's a good point. we should be doing nothing. >> sit back and hang out. >> on the break. >> you know what, though? it really is going to be a nice day today and i say that, because yesterday was just so ugly in the morning. it was nice in the afternoon. tomorrow, though, see how i butter you up with telling you how great today is going to be. tomorrow is going to be a repeat of yesterday, except we may have more wind. believe it or not, tomorrow's storms may be a bit stronger than what we had yesterday. here's a great start. i'm sure there's a lot of people getting out here right along bayshore, going for that saturday morning jog, and you're going to sweat. it's warm. it's muggy.
6:48 am
63 degrees in tampa. 60 in st. petersburg while some spots inland have snuck back to the lower 50s in general. temperatures are several degrees year. as you back it out we have temperatures to the north just a few days ago in the upper 20s. 60's in the keys. overall temperatures aren't a huge concern now, but after this next system moves through tomorrow, we're opening up the door for some real cold air to settle in. i know i'm getting ahead of myself. that's in the 7-day. south since have been pumping in the moisture all night long. we'll continue with the south to southwest wind. we're starting beautiful, but we are going to finish the day with some clouds. back out here in a area of low pressure which hasn't really developed yet is getting ready to work its way right across the gulf,
6:49 am
just like the one that happened yesterday. and the computer models are set up like this. here the european brings this lull straight across the gulf and by the time we hit early tomorrow morning you can see it, the lull is kind of ahead of everything here. it comes to the north of us, brings us a round of showers and thunderstorms. the reliable global model, pretty much the same thing, bringing it right across the gulf so by early tomorrow morning we line a line of showers and thunderstorms to move through. the timing looks like 3:00 to 9:00, maybe 3:00 to 10:00 in the morning. day sunday. high winds is obviously the predominant threat that we are talking about. very low on the hail. isolated tornado, not out of the question, low for flooding, low for lightning as well. it's going to be those straight line winds that we had yesterday
6:50 am
we're going to see a few of those tomorrow as we bring the storms in. as quick as they move in they'll be gone. and then the sunshine will be back. it's going to be a lot like it was yesterday. 75 degrees for a high today, give or take. tonight mostly cloudy, rain and storms, again, well after midnight, but probably before the sun comes up and a low temperature of 63 degrees. tomorrow, some strong storms early, but then the sunshine comes back in the afternoon. the other thing about tomorrow is that a gale warning has once again been posted. it begins tonight, goes right through early tomorrow afternoon. so no boating tomorrow. please, i know there's a big -- a big swain race too. out in the bay, and i think it's going to be difficult when you have small craft warnings. >> 62 for a high on monday. tuesday a lovely 58 degrees and many areas will be in the 30s tuesday and wednesday morning as well.
6:51 am
we've got >> all right. are you trying to decide on what movie to see this weekend? let's head to fox's julie banderas
6:52 am
>> new in theaters this week is 13 hours. the secret soldiers of benghazi. it follows a team of government contractors who went in fighting to save lives at the diplomatic compound in benghazi, libya after the 2012 terrorist attacks. the film is directed by michael bey and it's based on a book by three of the contractors. >> kevin hart and ice could you be are back as brothers in law defending the law in ride along 2. this came ken jung and olivia munn join in the fun. >> there's one for the kids with the animated flick norn of the north about a polar bear and his arctic friends who find themselves on a big adventure in the big apple. >> an indy film in more theaters
6:53 am
maggie smith has received critical praise for her performance as a woman who bee friends the owner of the driveway she lives in. >> audiences can also catch up on some of the movies that picked up oscar nominations like the 12 time nominated frontrunner the "revenant". >> the true story investigative tale. plus the comedic film the big short about the housing bubble collapse in the mid 2000s. in new york, julie banderas, fox news.
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